Created and Designed by James Clayton
Voiced by Denis Akiyama
(Seasons 1-23)
Amir Sám Nakhjavani (Season 23-present)
Status Alive
Friends and Allies Dr. Beanson
Little Guy
Dr. PBS is a character in Greeny Phatom, Geo's World, Gree City and more Greenytoons. He first appeared in Gree City. He might have got this name from the network PBS. He is currently voiced by Amir Sám Nakhjavani. In the Japanese dubs of Greeny Phatom and Geo's World he is voiced by Shinya Owada. In the Greek dubs of Greeny Phatom and Geo's World he is voiced by Tasos Kostas (Τάσος Κώστας). In the Swedish dubs of Greeny Phatom and Geo's World, he is voiced by Kim Sulocki, the Swedish voice actor for Dr. Beanson. Jacek Kopczyński voiced him in the Polish dubs of Greeny Phatom and Geo's World. 

In Season 21, his name was revealed to be Edgar Frankson.


  • His name is based off of the TV station PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service.
  • He has a brother named Dr. Viacom.
  • Dr. PBS has a "Multiple-Choice Past". So far he has been simultaneously born in Germany, Africa, which is a village in Northern Ireland, and Kookamunga, lost his hair after he fell off a roof chasing the Grinch and got his hair stuck in a running lawnmower, was involved in something big such as being a famous racer, a spy, a firefighter, a famous talent agent, a record company CEO, or an elite detective, was just a baby when the First Transcontinental Railroad was built, was born in England during the time when the United States became independent, was about six or seven when the dinosaurs went extinct, and was once a famous explorer named Muntz.
  • In the Season 12 episode "The Shakespeare Enemy", it is seen that he has a clone named Dr. PBS the 2nd.
  • In German, he is named "Chirurg ZDF", after Greeny Phatom's main broadcaster in Germany.
  • In Hungarian, he is named "Orvos J. Kádár", referencing the Hungarian communist leader János Kádár.


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