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Finley Small
Finley from Finley's World
Created and Designed by Finley Small
Animated by Finley Small
First Appearance Pilot Pitch
Episode count TBD
Voiced by Finley Small
Age 6
Status Alive
Friends and Allies Satin Guy (best friend)
Fraser Brown (brother)
Steve Robinson (best friend from school)
Monica Schmidt (girlfriend)
Little Guy
Dr. Beanson
Little Girl
Dr. Mother
Geo Guy
Green Bob
and other people
Enemies Bob Beanson
Pube Beanson
Gree Guy
Santed Sailor
and other enemies
Family Amanda Windsor (mother)
Fraser Brown (brother)
Molly the Dog (pet)
Anne Windsor (grandma)
George Windsor (granddad)
Baby Seth (nephew)

Finley Small is the main character in the Nickelodeon animated series, Finley's WorldHe is voiced by the show's creator, Finley Small. His first appearance was in the original pilot pitch and then in the first episode, Pilot. He also appears in the movies such as Finley's World: The Movie, Finley's World: The Movie 2 and Finley's World: The Movie 3.