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Hello! I'm Little Guy, the king of 123 Greeny Phatom
Little Guy
Little Guy
Created and Designed by Robert Stainton
Animated by James Sharp (supervising animator)
Audel LaRoque (lead animator)
Robert Stainton
Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
Caleb Elbourn
Gabriel Garcia
First Appearance "Pilot"
Episode count All episodes (except The Cure of Santed Sailor), although he appeared in the Russian Version)
Voiced by Robert Stainton
Xóchitl Ugarte (Spanish)
Léo Jaime (Brazillian Portuguese)
Rita Blanco (European Portuguese)
Emmanuel Jacomy (French)
Thomas Fritsch (German)
Nanni Baldini (Italian)
Katla M. Þorgeirsdóttir (Icelandic)
Anna-Liisa Rikman (Finnish)
Anders Öjebo (Swedish)
Door Van Boeckel (Dutch)
Károly Kassai (Hunagarian; seasons 1-3)
Zoltán Fekete (Hungarian; season 4-present)
Søren Malling (Danish)
Jacek Bończyk (Polish)
Jozef Vajda (Slovak)
Age 34
Status Active
Friends and Allies Dr. Beanson
Geo Guy
Lucas Guy
Little Guy Clones
Little Girl
Green Bob
Geo Girl
Geo Guy Clones
Finley Small
John Guy
Bryan Guy (occasionally)
Shadow Golden JawLocker
Shadow JawLocker
Golden JawLocker
Davey Guy
Santed Sailor (occasionally)
Enemies Santed Sailor
Gree Guy
Bob Beanson
Bryan Guy
Memy9909 (2011 episode only)
Gree Girl
Family Little Girl (sister)

Lignen Hammil "Little Guy" Gunpanow (formerly Billy Bob Joe or King Liguen), (better known as Little Guy and formerly known as Big Guy), is the main protagonist of Greeny Phatom, Greeny LOL and many other Greeny Phatom-related shows. His birthday is on March 2. He once led the Anti-Gree City Army with had a lot of Greeny Phatom characters (especially Santed Sailor), as well as those from Geo's World, World of Jake, Luke City, Finley's World, and the Baxter Bros and more (except Gree City) in Greeny Phatom The Movie 3. He is voiced by series creator Robert Stainton, which is somewhat disappointing because he doesn't deserve the job while the other voice actors do because he sounds somewhat old. Little Guy hates shows such as Gree City, The Buneary Show, and Bryan's World. He likes shows such as Greeny Phatom, (of course he likes that show), Geo's World, Punic Circle, and other Greenytoons.


There are facts about Little Guy's design.

  • His head is orange with two eyes and a mouth.
  • He wears pink clothing like his shirt and pants.
  • He has black pupils and iris on his eyes.



  • In one of the drawings that Springtrapfan21 made, Little Guy is seen standing with Shadow Golden JawLocker.
  • He is called Logan in Classic AJ's version.
  • He's the main character of Greeny Phatom, as well as the main protagonist of the show.
  • The reason why Little Guy hated Russian songs is because they're so annoying to him and the Little Guy Clones.
  • Little Guy is the king of 123 Greeny Phatom.
  • In the Japanese dub of Greeny Phatom, Geo's World and Punic Circle, he's voiced by Katsuji Mori.
  • He is voiced by females in the European Portuguese, Finnish, and Icelandic dubs. Little Guy's female Finnish voice actress was previously a member of the Golden Voice and Agapio Racing Team studios (Agapio handled her for the Finnish dub's early years).
    • Ironically, Rita Blanco (his European Portuguese voice actress) also voices Little Girl.
  • His mom and dad were killed by Gree Guy and his evil army at the end of Season 4 during the war between Ant Humanoids and Greeians, and their gravestones were seen in a deleted scene in Little Guy goes Fishing which was cut for being too morbid, and in a Season 20 episode.
  • Little Guy is shown to have a fantastic relationship with his sister Little Girl and their grandparents, and has been shown fishing, go-karting and playing scrabble with them.
  • Little Guy, his sister Little Girl, and his parents grew up in a converted Pizza Hut restaurant (that Pizza Hut had moved to another building down the street a week before Little Guy and Little Girl's parents moved in). 
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