"Pilot Pitch"
The title card for the episode
Season: N/A
Episode: N/A
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: 1994
Production Code: P1G01
Guest Characters: None
Written by: Robert Stainton
Duncan Reid
Directed by: Peter Webber (animated segments)
Robert Stainton (live-action segments)
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Pilot Pitch was the original unaired pilot of Greeny Phatom.

This episode was originally aired once, as a "sneak peek" for the show on Fox Kids Network. For many years after the episode aired once, its only known recording was made by a fan and ends before the scene with Little Girl and Little Guy. But then, many years later, another fan leaked an earlier version of the episode.

In 2005, the original master copy of this was located by James Clayton, the show's then-executive producer. The episode has since been included as a bonus feature on many of the DVD's and has been re-aired on The Greeny Channel and The Greeny Channel XD.


Little Guy takes Little Girl to a hotel and resort called La Hotela. Inbetween the animated segments are live-action segments featuring Captain Exclamation Point and Miss Holly. A subplot (which is the main plot in the earlier version) features Little Guy moving into a new house.


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This episode was fully traditionally animated, unlike the rest of the series, and was animated by the crew with the assistance of students and teachers at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Prismacolor alcohol-based permanent art markers, Crayola markers, and Sharpies along with a pen were used to make the drawings.



Animated Characters

Live-Action Characters

Opening Credits

Fox Children's Productions
Sony Wonder

A Greetastic! Cartoon


Closing Credits

Directed by
Peter Webber

Written by
Duncan Reid
Robert Stainton

Produced and Storyboarded by
James Clayton
Duncan Reid
Robert Stainton

Starring the Voice Talents of
Robert Stainton
Little Guy and Santed Sailor

James Clayton
Dr. Beanson, Dr., and Dr. PBS

Alina Withers
Little Girl

Geo G.
Geo Guy

Gree G.
Gree Guy

Jake Sanford
Jeff Guy

Live-Action Sequences Directed by
Robert Stainton

Live-Action Cast
Captain Exclamation Point - Donderweer
Miss Holly - Holly G. Frankel

Woody Woodpecker Laugh Created by
Mel Blanc (1908-1989)

Designs, Layouts, Backgrounds, and Animation Created by
The Students and Teachers at
the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Designs, Layouts, Backgrounds, and Animation Finalized by
Duncan Reid

Computer Animation by
Kroyer Films
Les Studios Qalupalik
Robert Stainton
Lady Sheegwa

Sound Design and Editing by
Arnold Günther Stainton II

Film Editing by
Kendall Stainton

Post Production Sound Facilities by
Sound One Corporation
New York City, New York
Cinélume Postproduction
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Post Production Video Facilities by
The Film & Tape Works, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Music Composed by
Robert Stainton

Music Produced by
Ulises Tabor

Music Recorded at
CRC Music & Post
Chicago, Illinois

Live-Action Sequences Filmed at
Maison Radio-Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Special Thanks to
Twentieth Century Fox for the distribution
and the syndication of this short
and to all the Greenyboys and Greenygirls
who made this short possible.

Produced with the Financial Support of
Telefilm Canada

Executive in Charge of Production
Robert Stainton

Executive Producer
James Clayton

Created, Produced, and Animated at
Greetastic Studios
Chicago, Illinois

TM & © 1994 Fox Children's Network, Inc.
All rights reserved.

"Greeny Phatom" is a trademark of Greetastic Studios.

Fox Children's Network, Inc. is the author of this motion picture
for the purposes of copyright and other laws.


  • James Clayton voiced the Doctors in this episode.
  • This episode was rated TV-G.
  • While the Woodpecker pecks on Gree Guy's head, Woody Woodpecker's laugh is heard. The laugh itself was created by Mel Blanc.
  • When the original Greeny Phatom pilot was pitched to Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox also had an option to pick up the live-action/animated American Sailor Moon remake. However, Fox decided to pick up Greeny Phatom as they felt that Greeny Phatom was a much higher quality show and that the American Sailor Moon remake was not.