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Have a shippy shippy shippy shippy day!
Santed Sailor
Santed Sailor
Santed Sailor
Created and Designed by Robert Stainton
Episode count A few episodes
Voiced by Robert Stainton
Tom Kenny (season 7, some of season 8, and Little Guy Escapes)
Peter Sjöquist (Swedish)
Péter Szokol (Hungarian)
Noureddine Farihi (Dutch)
Age 50
Status Alive
Friends and Allies Gangster Sailor
Gree Guy (occasionally)
Pingux2012 (occasionally)
Little Guy
Geo Guy
Lucas Guy
Little Girl
Enemies Dr. (occasionally)
Moctor (occasionally)
Little Guy (occasionally)
Geo Guy (occasionally)
Lucas Guy (occasionally)
Little Girl (occasionally)
Glaceon (occasionally)
Gree Guy
Bryan Guy

Santed Sailor (born under Rollias Dentistinas) is a former main antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist/anti-hero in Greeny Phatom. He's the owner of Beach Park, a cruise ship that is hated by Little Guy. He is voiced by series creator Robert Stainton. He was first born in 1968.



  • He is 50 as of 2018.
  • There's a gangster version of this character named "Gangster Sailor". Unlike Santed Sailor, the gangster version of him has a low talking voice and occasionally wears a dunce hat. He also beats up people for no reason.
  •  On 2009Greenyphatom's channel it says that Santed Sailor has a pelican version ("Santed Pelican")
  • His catchphrase is "Hi, I'm Santed Sailor, welcome to the Beach Park! If that's what you wanna do, we're gonna see the fishes, and have a shippy shippy shippy shippy day!"
  • In Jacob's World, He is less annoying and he doesn't say "Have a shippy shippy shippy shippy day." that much.
  • Santed Sailor is known to have a "Hilariously Abusive Childhood". His mother liked Gangster Sailor and Panted Pirate better, his father preferred the dog, he had to wear dresses for a year because his parents were expecting a girl when Gangster Sailor was born, he wasn't allowed to go swimming in public pools, he had to pretend to be a lawn gnome after theirs was involved in a traveling gnome prank, Santed Sailor's (and his brothers) dad killed his mother and himself with a guitar to the head in front of them and then went into an abandoned mansion and they were being raised by insects (which is ironic considering that Carin Greenberg, one of the creators of Growing Up Creepie (which featured another character raised by insects in a mansion), was script doctor for Seasons 1-3), neither of his parents even bothered to be there when he was born, and left the mansion at ages 16, 17, and 18 in order to see the world and Santed Sailor and his brothers built Beach Park.
  • In the series, Walter's World. He has a son named Santed Sailor Jr., who has 7 clones.
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