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Satin Guy
Satin Guy FW
Created and Designed by Finley Small
Animated by Finley Small
First Appearance Pilot Pitch
Episode count TBD
Voiced by Michael Angelis (English)
Erik de Zwart (Dutch)
Jang Gwang (Korean)
Povl Dissing (Polish)
Leo Morimoto (Japanese)
Louise Raeder (Swedish)
Age 36
Status Alive
Friends and Allies Finley Small (best friend)
Dr. Beanson
Little Guy
Little Guy Clones
Little Girl
Satin Guy Clones
Satin Girl
Enemies Santed Sailor
Bob Beanson
Pube Beanson
Evil Satin Guy
Family Satin Girl (sister)

Satin Guy is the main character of the Nickelodeon animated series, Finley's World. He is voiced by Michael Angelis who was known for being the narrator of the British children's television series, Thomas and Friends. He is the best friend of Finley Small.

He also appears in Finley's World: The Movie and "Vase Breaker".