• I live in Not giving you my address
  • My birthday is on 12. 12
  • My profession is making pictures, and play on the computer.
  • I'm Male

Hello, this is CoinHunter12 (Formally CoinHunterCameron12)!

Since November 24, 2014, I have edited the wiki. Wanna look at my history, ask me to do one.



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Real name Cameron Ngueyn
Alias(es) CoinHunterCameron12
CoinMaster (Sploders)
Species creepy face
Gender female NO, MALE
Abilities coding, hanging out with community

Hello <insert name here>, This is CoinHunter12 (formally CoinHunterCameron12). I was a Greeny Phatom Wiki Admin from 2014 (Even if one of you guys don’t know). When I was blocked, I kept worrying about Wikia and you guys on this wiki.  

   I now use Paint.NET (To make my pictures), Sony Vegas (To make my videos), Anim8or (I called it “MS3D” when I first found out about 3D art softwares. I got it during Spring Break), and Adobe Flash (Where I make my non-copyrighted infringement videos). I have planned to buy Adobe Photoshop CS6 because SuperKewlGuy123 thinks Photoshop CS6 is better than Paint.NET. I will learn how to use Adobe Flash. Well back then, I had used MSPaint for 3 years and 6 months, Windows Movie Maker for 2 months, and Sony Movie Studio for 9 days. If you guys don’t know what is Paint.NET, look it up and you will see.  

    After 3 months of absence on the wiki, I am now back. I need to get my wiki account back on track on it’s former glory. This time, I will not be active as much. Of course, my old account got blocked because I vandalized the wiki you all hate called Gree City Wiki. Now, I am a anti-vandalizer and will always stick with the wiki. So I need to be admin once again (back then, I’ve been wishing to be bureaucrat), and help fix the wiki.

  I am in a rebound.

I had become #1 within 2 days (April 2, 2015 - April 4, 2015)

The button to my Youtube account.

The button to my DeviantArt account.
I swear, I still hate Greeny Phatom because of it's humor, but respect my opinion.

But unfortunately, that's the harsh reality. You can't always live in the past and mourn over how the past was much better than the present. And you can't also run away from time itself. Because one day, you will have to learn stop living in the past and start living now.
— FFMusicCollection, the creator of Looking back at the golden years of ROBLOX (2006-2008)

CoinHunterCameron12 is my old account. And I was blocked due to vandalism to the Gree City Wiki. I have now got a lesson learned and I promised Wikia that I will never vandalize a page EVER.

From December 30, 2014 to January 5, 2015, I tried to request Wikia to unblock this account, but they didn't want to because of the vandalism. Then, I tried to sign up a new account but It didn't work because they blocked my IP, and you all know when wikia blocks your IP, they even block user sign up. 

Finally, on March 3, 2015, I have send a email to Wikia, saying that I will return on April 2, 2015 7:00 Central Standard Time. But for now, this is my new account.

  • Blocked for 1 day: If you were cheating
  • Blocked for 7 days If you vandalize or spam (2 - 4 times)
  • Blocked for 14 days If you both vandalize or spam
  • Blocked for 3 months: If you vandalize or spam alot
  • Blocked for 1 year: If you spam, vandalize, cheat, and gobbledygook (gibberish) alot
  • Infinite: ONLY IF your block date ended and you end up vandalizing, spam, and cheat alot

This here shows you my gallery. It's those pictures I've posted to this wiki last year.



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